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What is the Recommended Ford Bronco Oil Type?

2024 Ford Bronco Sport in the woods

Set a course for new adventures in your Ford Bronco, the perfect SUV for daily commutes in Williamsport, weekly errands, and weekend getaways to your favorite wilderness destinations. Your Ford Bronco can last for many years when you take care of it properly. For DIY maintenance, you’ll need to know the Ford Bronco oil type to get the most out of this stalwart SUV. Get all the information you need about the Ford Bronco oil type from the service team at Stuckey Ford Bellefonte. We’ll also talk about the Ford Bronco oil change interval as well as the Ford Bronco oil filter needed for the best results and top performance.

Ford Bronco Oil Type

The correct Ford Bronco type you’ll need is SAE 5W-30 full synthetic. When it’s time for your next Ford Bronco oil change, make sure to purchase OEM oil from our parts department. It’s specially formulated to meet the needs of your Bronco’s engine while keeping it cleaner as you traverse the State College roads. 

Ford Bronco Oil Type: Synthetic vs. Conventional Motor Oil

You could have two main options for the Ford Bronco oil type: synthetic vs. conventional. Synthetic oil offers a customized formulation, cleansers, anti-oxidizers, and stabilizers to make it last longer. It stays cleaner because it has fewer impurities than conventional oil. Full synthetic oil is recommended by the manufacturer and our team because it lasts longer, keeps your engine cleaner, and lengthens the Ford Bronco oil change interval. It also saves money because you’ll have fewer oil changes versus conventional oil!

Ford Bronco Oil Change Intervals

The manufacturer recommends a Ford Bronco oil change every 10,000 miles with full synthetic motor oil. For DIY Ford Bronco oil changes in Clearfield, an OEM Ford Bronco oil filter delivers the top results. Our parts department should have a Ford Bronco oil filter because these SUVs are very popular around Bellefonte! Simply use our parts order form to get the correct Ford Bronco oil filter for your vehicle. 

Call Us for Your Next Ford Bronco Oil Change in Bellefonte

Don’t have time to take care of a Ford Bronco oil change on your own? No problem! Contact us, call 814-424-7799, or schedule a service appointment at your leisure. We’re happy to help you maintain your vaunted SUV.


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